Probus Club of Warragul - Tarago Inc.


 Probus club #1006155   incorporation number A0047473C


                      Craft Group every 2nd Wednesday in the month 10 AM.                        Shares Group (Middel's Drouin) (9:30 AM For Coffee 10 AM meeting starts) every 1st Friday in the month.              Walking Group 9:30 AM every Tuesday, Burke Street Park Shelter.               COFFEE  (Choo Choo's) every Tuesday 10 AM.                                                       Probus Committee Meetings First Wednesday in the Month.                        Fish and Chips at Bowling Club begins again 6 PM (Come a bit Earlier) Friday 7th of October 2022                                              Probus General Meetings every 3rd Wednesday in the month 9:45 AM.                            Science Croup  Warragul Country Club (Alfresco area) usually 4th Thursday at 10 AM.                                   Computer Group every second Friday in Month 10 AM .Club Hotel Warragul Table 18

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About our Probus Club Useful Links from other websites
Caravan Group twice a year off peak. About our Meetings
Computer Group Monthly  meeting. 10 AM 2nd Friday. New Members Latest photo at the top of the sheet.
Our Committee meets first Wednesday month. Our Photos This year at the top. For other years menu at the bottom of the page.
Our Craft Group Monthly meeting. 2nd Wednesday. Our Scrabble Group Every Wednesday 2PM to 4 PM.
Dine Outs every second month, odd months.  4th Wednesday Our Shares Group Monthly 10 AM meeting first Friday.
Emergency Card Suggested that you always carry one. Trips Every second month even months. 4th Wednesday
Fish and Chips at the Warragul Lawn Bowling Club. In Summer months Our Walking and Coffee Group 9.30 Tuesday morning walks.
Guest Speakers Monthly speaker. After General Meeting.  


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