Probus Club of Warragul - Tarago Inc.


 Probus club #1006155   incorporation number A0047473C

Fish and Chips Group.

   Our Organiser is Kath T, 0488 004 828.


Friday  April 16 2021 , Next and LAST FISH AND CHIPS at the Bowling Club until daylight savings starts again.

The Warragul Lawn Bowling Club has fund raising dinners fortnightly during daylight saving hours,  in the Winter months the hall is set up for indoor Bowling..

Our Club normally has a group attend these arranged by Kath T.

To go to Fish and Chips Please book with Kath T 0448 004 828 by Thursday lunchtime if possible . When she arrives at the bowling club at about 5 PM. she pays for everyone, and you  then find her at her table and pay her the $12.00. 

You can then go to the bar and purchase your drinks, or go up near the kitchen to the Urn and make your own cuppa.

Do not forget to purchase raffle tickets for the raffle when they come around to the tables at about 6 PM. Tickets are 1$ for 5 tickets.

Kath normally tells the Bowling club how many of our club are going to attend on the Friday morning.



Friday  April 16 2021, This was the last Fish and Chips for this season. 25 very happy people attented representing our Probus club. Several people in our group won raffle prizes. All enjoyed a wonderful meal.

Friday  April 2 2021 Good Friday,  20 Happy people attended 4 prizes from the raffle went to members on my table.

Friday  March 19 2021, Fish and Chips, 32 very happy members attended and enjoyed themselves.

Friday  March 5 2021, Fish and Chips, 9 happy members attended, our numbers were somewhat reduced because many of our usual attendees were on the Probus Caravan trip in Merimbula. We had the usual delicious meal all sitting around the same large table socially separated.

Friday January 22 2021,  The Bowling Club recommenced  Fish and Chips. At our Probus tables 29 very happy people attended, 27 members and 2 visitors .

The Bowling club people were being very Covid safe and thus were being very careful. Things were different to what we are used to. We were only allowed 4 to a table and were not allowed to walk around and socialize. The cutlery was wrapped in a serviette and the Salt and Pepper and mayonnaise were all separate.

Any how we all happily coped, the raffle the numbers appeared to avoid our tables but Lyn J, got lucky band won a delicious fruit cake baked by Pat H, Pat is a renowned cook and I can vouch for it.

We then went on to have a normal delicious meal, of Fish and Chips and Coleslaw then Fruit salad and Ice cream.

Everyone said their goodbyes and went home keen to come next time.