Probus Club of Warragul - Tarago Inc.


 Probus club #1006155   incorporation number A0047473C



Our Coffee and Walking Group.

"THE Meanderes" founded March 2024

 Our leader is:  Dianne P, 0438 314 143 .  

We all meet at Burke (Bourke) Street park just before 9:00 AM each month 3rd Friday. 


We have an IMPORTANT rule that no-one may walk by themselves,

There must be at least 2 in a group, obviously this is for safety. 

Everyone should bring water, a hat and good walking shoes and a pair of walking poles.

We will normally have COFFEE afterwards at a café nearby of course, when available.

We have a tail end Charlie (named Keith).

 Future Walks:

Friday 21st June, 

Next walk the Ralph Cornwall walk at Noojee, meeting at the Burke Street car park at 9.00am. Morning tea at the Red Parrot Cafe.

This is about 4 km in and out, but very flat along the stream.  It could be wet in June, so bring solid shoes which can go on through muddy stretches.  

Coffee will be at The Little Red Duck Café, Noojee (formerly The Red Parrot).  

To get there, travel to Noojee, first turn left, go left across the bridge, immediately turn left and park.  

The Walk starts beside the Works buildings on the stream side.

Walks we have been on:

Friday 17th May, 

We met at Burke Street car park and car pooled to the Nangara Reserve

Twenty-one happy walkers enjoyed the ambiance and the artworks at Nangara Reserve, Jindivick.  

The map on the internet said it was a 3.5 km. walk, but the people who put that in have not walked it.  To get to 3.5 km, one would have to do the walk taking in the hill leading up to the road and down again – or go around twice!  

My phone made it 2.7 km. but I did hear that somebody’s phone was only 1.5 km.  (That would have to be a man with much longer steps than mine.)  

However, it is a lovely walk, incorporating some small hills, and we all enjoyed it.  The coffee afterwards at Middels in Drouin put the icing on the cake – or the sweet chilli sauce on the sweet potato chips. 

Friday 19th April,

Rokeby rail train starting western end, we met at Burke street and car pooled and drove to Rokeby and parked at the rear of the hall.

Then we all carefully crossed the main road and carefully walked down the steep hill to the rail trail, then walked up to the old Telegraph road we then walked back inspecting the Tarago river and then a Bower birds Bower he obviously likes Blue colour.

Up the big hill and our cars and back to a well earned morning tea at the Neighbourhood Cafe.

Thanks Di and Keith.

Our group ready to go.

Bower birds Bower.

Keith and Ron checking the Tarago river.

Our first walk:

Friday 15th March at the Edward Hunter Bush Reserve in Moe around the lake. It was a 3 km walk and only one short hill, which we will go up very slowly. 

We pooled cars to drive to Moe.  

We were home by lunchtime. 

We had eleven very happy people come. 

Please let Dianne P know if you would like to join in.

Future walks:

Friday, 19th April, and we will do the Rokeby Rail Trail.