Our Probus Photos for 2010.

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Chris's Skit October 2010 Farmer wants a wife.


brides.jpg (71141 bytes)The Brides.   chooks.jpg (73745 bytes)The Chooks.  farmers.jpg (69047 bytes)The Farmers.  fred_petert_julia.jpg (69020 bytes)Fred Peter T and Julia.

fashion_parade.jpg (72730 bytes)The Fashion Parade.  love_fairy_poultry_famer.jpg (71576 bytes)The Love Fairy and Poultry Farmer  protest.jpg (72709 bytes)The Protest.

 protest_by_mermaids.jpg (73185 bytes)The Protest by the Mermaids 1.  protest_mermaids.jpg (74948 bytes)The Protest by the Mermaids 2.

winemaker_meets_prospective_brides.jpg (72304 bytes)Winemaker meets the prospective Brides.  wise_men_angels.jpg (70892 bytes)Wise men and the Angels.  finale.jpg (73714 bytes)The Finale.



Alan Clark's Jazz band Guest Speaker at our November 2010 General Meeting.

dave_drummond.jpg (91432 bytes) ian-christenson.jpg (76450 bytes) jack_pretty.jpg (82065 bytes) jack_pretty_1.jpg (72905 bytes) pete_barker_alan_clark.jpg (79850 bytes) the_combo.jpg (82158 bytes)

Click here to see and hear the band playing at our meeting.


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