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                   Our Science Group.

Our leader is Don J, 0480 175 515.

We meet at the Warragul Country Club  We meet in the Conference Room every 2nd Monday in the month at 10 AM starting at 10:30 AM and finish at 12 noon.


September 11, Nanotechnology and you.

October 9, Dark matter and Dark energy - evidence for and maybe not.

November 13, Science of Trees and Woods.

December 11,  An auto electricians experience with automotive batteries.


August 14 2023, Fred Hoyle, George Gamow where and when and how atoms are made.

July 17 2023 Social impacts of the low carbon transition – part 3.
CO2 absorption technologies
Integrated generation-storage systems

June 22nd, 2023. 
Topic - Impact on societies of changing to a low carbon environment - Part 2
Members and guests met to hear about the technologies that will soon, very soon, change the cars we drive, the trucks and trains and planes we use, battery technology, solar furnaces and to discuss the implications that these rapid “advances” will have on our support and educational institutions. 
Unfortunately we ran out of time, again, so the important topics of biofuels, CO2 absorption and many aspects of social impacts were not covered. They will be carried over into the July meeting.

May 25th, 2023. 
Topic - Impact on Societies of changing to a low carbon environment

A group of 23 members were treated to a wide ranging discussion of just some of the issues that are predicted to be important to us and our kin in the future. 
Thanks to Sue, Di, Peter, Otto and Rob for the wonderful efforts they put into their presentations. 
Time was, as usual, the enemy and thus not all the scheduled sub-topics were covered and discussion had to be curtailed, but there is always next month!

April 27th 2023.

Rob S, Anaesthetics


March 23rd 2023.

Options in the post antibiotic world”

I invite anyone who is interested in introducing any of the following topics to get in contact with Rob S or me – bacteriophages; predatory bacteria; bacteriocins; probiotics; lycins.

Don J, Conveyer.  


May 25 2023 Societal Impacts
Applications in which H2 could replace hydrocarbons 
Innovations in solar cells for home and business 
Energy storages systems 
"Engine systems" for vehicles Building with "green" materials 
Animal-free meats 

February 23rd 2023

The topic, AI, { Artificial Intelligence ) attracted a group of approx. 25 who were treated to presentations from Don Coveney, Eugene Dimitriatis, Jacqui Jaffrey, and Dianne Potter on just some of the changes that are becoming apparent with the relentless, but largely benign, infiltration of AI into our society. 

We discussed the advantages it offers in medicine, science, communications, education, hobbies, housework, the services sector and twitching. It also opens new avenues for criminal activity and cheating. Extra vigilance will be required.

John C showed some of his collection of model steam engines.

We did not have enough time to adequately cover the exciting possibilities of AI in areas such as virtual reality and avatar legacies. 

  See photos on our 2023 photos page.


November 24th 2022.

Don made working models of 3 of the 4 engines. They runs them on compressed air.

Don told us about his extensive education and work history starting off as a Fitter and Turner going onto Cambridge university.

Then in Australia Don led many educational places..

Today Don spoke about the world inside an atom it was mind blowing.

The whole morning was unbelievable.




The inaugural meeting was held on October 27th in the Al Fresco section of the Warragul Country Club. There were 10 attendees.

The guest speaker was Dr. Eugene Dimitriadis who gave an introduction to the research he conducted on the various compounds that contribute to the tastes and flavours of wines. This work was carried out at the laboratories of the Aust. Wine Research Institute in Adelaide in 1982.

His work focused on compounds known as Terpenes. These are a large group of volatile oxygenated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of grapes, but also in plants such as flowers, fruits, conifers and citrus trees.

He developed a test that indicated the amounts of the key terpene flavour ants, as a simple procedure that is used by growers and winemakers, in their labs. It has been used to monitor flavour development and potential, in both grape varieties and wines.

A general discussion ensued about how wines vary in flavour and the influences of soil conditions and types, moisture levels etc on the eventual outcome. It would be fair to conclude that there were more questions than answers on the relative effects of the many factors that winemakers around the world claim to be important.

Eugene was applauded for his leadership in the discussion.

All the ladies in attendance were offered a floral thank-you.


A quick poll was conducted to gauge the levels of interest in a range of possible topics for future discussion sessions. The clear winners are:-

What are the options when antibiotics lose their effects?

AI – its potential and risks

The implications of living in a low carbon world

These topics will form the basis of the group discussion program for 2023. Discussion leaders are wanted for each of these.

Other topics are being assessed, including one by Rob S on anaesthetics !

Next meeting is Thursday 24th November – same location.

Don J

Our happy group at our Inaugural meeting 27 October 22.

Dianne was presented with one of Don's special roses.