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Our Shares Interest Group.  

   Our Leader is Joan L. 0407 502 640. 

JULY 2020

Our Shares meetings will be continuing Virtually using Zoom, if you have not recieved an email Invitation please contact Joan.


  A very successful  ZOOM, shares group meeting was held last Friday, with fifteen of our members logged on via ZOOM.

  Special thank you to Graham Hardie, as coordinator of ZOOM.

  I would like to thank Peter Trewern, for helping  those who needed assistance with setting up ZOOM on their computer /device.

  Thank you too John Hill, who volunteered to update the phantom portfolio spreadsheet data; a time consuming task especially at the end of the financial year.


  • Phantom Portfolio Profit/Loss - 30 June 2020 -  Loss =  $5,411.81 
  • Best stock selection performance: Brian Kemp with Sarascen Minerals. 
  • ALL ORD'S at the close 30 June 2020 =  6001.30
  • Winner of the ALL ORD'S prediction to 30 June is Greg Bland with 6666  Well done ! 

  Greg, this means you will have your name emblazoned on the Shares Group Trophy.

Winner 30 June 2020.

  What a difference six month can make, back in January the share market was booming and  the All Ord's was reaching giddy new heights, as were the 30 June 2020 predictions, as high as 

7415. Wow!

Alas that was before the dreaded COVID-19 virus struck. 

  Now it's that time again to have yet another stab in the dark with your prediction for 31 December 2020.

  Please email me your prediction so I can log it on our All Ord's Index by the end of July 2020.

  What will the wheel of fortune, have in store for the second half of the  year?



Due to the Covid19 Virus, the Courthouse will be closed, all Shares Group meetings will be suspended until further notice. Watch out for reqular emails from Joan.

Meetings are were held at the Court House 1st First Friday of the month.

PLEASE NOTE. Because of the crowded conditions at the Courthouse, Joan would like to be told if you wish to attend. Please arrive early and have your Coffee in the Cafe prior to the meeting.

They discuss how to invest money on the Stock Exchange, but will be dealing in phantom shares, NOT REAL shares.

You are welcome to visit anytime, but if you really wish to get involved go on the first of July that is when every ones

 phantom shares are refreshed.

3 January 2020.

Probus Shares Group Report

  The first meeting of the  Probus Club of Warragul - Tarago for 2020, was held at The Courthouse on Friday 3rd of January with 15 members in attendance. 

Phantom portfolio:

  The Phantom portfolio finished the year to Tuesday 31 of December in profit $6,177.00.  The outstanding stock of the year by a close whisker was Fortescue Metals, with a profit of $1,486.00 for both John Soutar and Ron Cawley as their share selection for the year.


Presentation of Chocolates: John and Ron

The new Phantom portfolio for 2020 begins with everyone receiving a fresh $1,000.00 phantom dollars and a share selection of their choice. For those who have not already done so please email me your new share selection along with the ASX Code ASAP.

All Ord’s  Index Winner:

  The winner of the All Ord’s prediction to 31December 2019 is  

Diane Dalton, with 6834.

Diane will be custodian of our perpetual trophy until the 30th of June 2020. Congratulations ‘Diane’

Presentation of Trophy to Diane Dalton


The year ahead and what to expect with Brexit, Trump and US/China trade deals just a few of the looming unknowns to be discussed.


The Courthouse, Smith street, Warragul at 10:00 am


2 August 2019.

15 attended the last meeting at The Courthouse. The phantom portfolio is $5225.88 in profit, with Peter S  the leader. Discussions included thoughts about the dramatic ASX movement, gold price, US vs. China and the similarities in looks between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. All welcome to our meeting on Friday September 6 at The Courthouse.

5 July 2019.

'The winner of the All Ord's to 30 June 2019 is Tom McKenzie' 

  Tom will be custodian of the biannual winners trophy until 31 December 2019.


16 January 2019.

Presentation of the Crystal Ball

7 July 2018. 

There were 20 members at the last Shares Group Meeting.  The phantom portfolio finished the year in the red to the tune of $2200.  Just as well it was not real.  Chris O'B won the "Crystal" Ball Trophy for predicting the All Ords would finish at 6290.  The actual figure was 6289.70.  Well done, Chris!


2 February 2018.

There were 22 members at the last Shares Group Meeting on February 2.

New shares portfolios were set up and new predictions taken for the All Ords prediction for June. We look forward to another interesting but bumpy(?) year ahead for the stock market. All are welcome to come to the next meeting on March 2.


5 January 2018. There where 23 members at our Shares Group Meeting on Friday 5th of January, the largest gathering yet! 

The All Ord's Winner 30 December 2017 is Rob J, at 6100 was the closest at the close of business on the 29th of December 2017 at 6167.

  Best performing phantom portfolio share was Barbara W's selection of  Kidman Resources Ltd. 

  Well done to both Rob and Barbara, we look forward to another interested year ahead for the stock market.  

After the above presentations John C did a presentation about Bitcoin.         

    7 July 2017.

Probus Club of Warragul - Tarago, Shares Group winner of the All Ord's predictions ending of the financial year 30 June 2017 is John Rogers.

At 5760 was only 4 points off the close at 30 June 2017 at 5764

Well done John!

John, accepting his award at the Probus Club of Warragul, General Meeting on 19th of July 2017.

7  January 2017,

Photo is of Jan M, receiving the All Ords trophy from Gary Mack, for being the winner of the closest prediction of the All Ords Close as of the 31 December.

4 November 2016.

After many years of hard work, Geoff has handed the leadership over to Joan L. 

We must thank Barbara and Geoff for all of the hard work that they put in. 

We also Welcome Joan.

5 August 2016

At our Shares Group meeting yesterday we were advised that the Court House would be closed for renovations at the time of our September meeting.

We decided to hold the September meeting at Barbara and Geoff's home at the usual time of 10.00 am on Friday 2 September 2016.

1 July 2016

At this meeting as usual it was decided to start Predictions of again. Jan M won the Crystal ball for the coming year. Because he predictions were the best.

21 January 2016

Predictions for the level of the ASX All Ordinaries Index

Each six months the members of the Shares Interest Group make predictions regarding the level of the ASX All Ordinaries Index at 30 June and 31 December.
The member who can most accurately predict the level of the Index each half year is rewarded with the beautifully crafted Ball with Windows of Opportunity made by Graham. The suitably engraved trophy is held for the ensuing six months.

At 31 December 2015 Pam L made the closest prediction. She was presented with the Trophy at the Probus Club meeting on 20 January 2016.

17 November 2015,

Warragul Probus have invited us to join them in a visit to Ridley Corporation (Baristoc) 70 to 80 Bald Hill road Pakenham

2 October 2015,

New Phantom port folio, only 1 stock in profit. Joan L she has chosen Bellamy's Australia Limited.

19 August 2015,

Probus Shares Group Report to August 2015 Meeting
Our August meeting was another well attended meeting
One of the highlights was Joan L was pronounced the winner of the current 
Phantom Portfolio. Her initial investment in 
Capilano honey. had increased 2 1/2 times. We commenced a new 
Phantom Portfolio and those present made their selections.
Estimates were also made for the level the All  Ordinaries at 31/12/2015
Some advance notice for our October meeting. Although it falls on Daniel Andrews pre-Grand Final public holiday we are still planning to meet on it.

15 July 2015, Bob S has won by guessing the closest to the All Ords $.

Joan L has the winning shares with Capilano honey.

10 April 2015. Report on Visit to Computershare

An enjoyable coach trip to Abbotsford to view the operations of Computershare was undertaken by members of our Club in company with the Warragul Probus Club Investment Group.

Computershare which is Australia’s largest Share Registry operates in the historic, former "Yarra Falls" Mills building overlooking the Yarra River.

On arrival the group was taken to morning tea, followed by a presentation on the breadth of Computershare’s operations which extend to over 20 countries.

We were conducted in small groups to view the Company’s activities which take place over vast floors of open plan areas containing work stations, each with a computer screen.

Our more "mature" group observed that most of the employees were young and "computer savvy." We were impressed with the security arrangements in their premises and the measures taken to secure their systems.

After lunch in the company canteen we returned to Warragul, following an interesting morning.


2 Jan 2015,  report, Phantom portfolio is just in the red, John S made the closest prediction of the  all ordinaries and was presented with the Crystal ball for 6 months


16 Jul 2014,   report. At a well attended July meeting of the Group a wide range of issues pertaining to the Share Market were discussed.

Two of the highlights of the meeting were the outcomes of the most successful investor in the Phantom Share Portfolio and the most accurate predictor of the level of the All Ordinaries Index at 30 June 2014.

Chris O’B with her stock of Bega Cheese was the leader in the Phantom Portfolio at 30 June 2014.  This Phantom Portfolio had been operating for the last two years.  A new Phantom will commence at the next meeting in August when members will submit their stock selections.

In July 2013 members made predictions regarding the level of the All Ordinaries Index at 31 December 2013 and 30 June 2014. Keith W made the closest prediction for 30/6/2014 and he now holds the “Crystal Ball with Windows of Opportunity” trophy beautifully crafted by Graham H. At the August meeting members will also be making their predictions for the Index for the end of December and June next.


Graham H, made and donated a very impressive Wooden (Crystal) Ball. I only sighted it at a distance some people were lucky enough to even handle it. But I am told that it is very impressive. Geoff Peter S Graeme Crystal Ball.jpg (157045 bytes) 

This ball is being used as a perpetual trophy for correctly estimating where the all ordinaries will finish at the end of a time period.

The current winner of this trophy is Barbara Willingham.

Crystal Ball.jpg (122117 bytes)

24 Aug 2011,  
eighteen members of our Shares group travelled by train to Melbourne to attend a financial presentation by an economist - Tony Farnham "Are the Hard Times Coming or Are the Soft Times Going?" He left us with the impression that it's not all doom and gloom. This presentation was followed by a light luncheon of sandwiches and drinks. Then Stephen Blackhall spoke. He is an expert in Superannuation and particularly Self-Managed Super Funds. He presented some examples re the advantages of superannuation and briefly covered the legislation of requirements in relation to Self-Managed Super Funds.
The weather was great and some members took the advantage to wander around the shops of the CBD. A good time was had by all.
Many thanks to Alan and Joan Scarlett who made the contact with Patersons for us and for Geoff Willingham who made the arrangements for this outing.
If any Probus members are interested in financial matters and , in particular, the share market: the group meets at the Courthouse on the first Friday of each month at 10 am. You would be most welcome.
Keith W